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What are the August Birthstones?

August Birthstones

August is a lucky month when it comes to birthstones. It has several that are very significant. The Primary birthstone for the month of August has a mystery all of its own. In addition, there are two Secondary birthstones that have been used throughout history.

So what are the August birthstones?

The short answer is the birthstones for August are Peridot, the primary birthstone, and Sardonyx and Moonstone, the secondary birthstones. But read on to learn much more about these stones and how they can help you in your life.

Peridot is the Primary August Birthstone

Peridot Birthstone

The origin of the name Peridot is a little vague, but could be derived from the French word peritôt. This word means ‘unclear’, which may refer to the inclusions and internal flaws often found within peridot. Peridot is often called Chrysolite, especially when referring to gem quality stones.

The green of Peridot make this stone a very attractive August birthstone. It’s a quite unique green, very different to other gemstones, such as Emerald etc.

Peridot is considered to be the stone of compassion. It promotes creativity and eloquence and its balancing properties assist with maintaining good relationships and good health. Those same properties help with balancing the bodies systems to promote personal calm and restful sleep patterns.

The stone also promotes a cheerful well being that brings peace and an inner strength. This can lead to a strength of self worth and great leaps if personal achievement.

Peridot also helps with attracting the attentions of the opposite sex, leading to strong feelings of love and empathy with your partner. It fights negative thoughts, such as envy and suspicion, that can impact on relationships.

At times of disappointment and internal feeling of frustration and anger Peridot aids with a calming influence.

Combined with gold, Peridot is said to take on great powers as a talisman, applying its calming properties to sleep, fighting those common night terrors, including nightmares and the like.

Sardonyx is a Secondary August Birthstone

Sardonyx Birthstone

Sardonyx is a variant of Onyx where the bands are shades of red (sard), rather than black. Hence the name, Sardonyx.

Sardonyx has been carved into wonderful items for a very long time, making it ideal to gift as an August birthstone

Throughout history, going back thousands of years, the many varieties of Onyx have been used in jewellery and other forms.

One of the most generally accepted properties of Sardonyx is its ability to offer protecting at times of danger, and to inspire courage to face those dangers. Ancient Romans wore amulets of Sardonyx engraved with the god of war, Mars, when entering into battle.

The strong red bands of Sardonyx are said to be dangerously powerful. They apparently project a strength of charisma that can give the wearer great powers of persuasion. A property that would be most valuable in personal and business relationships.

On the subjects of relationships, Sardonyx used correctly promotes great stability and leads to lasting happiness.

Sardonyx may also bestow great eloquence on the wearer. This was a strongly held belief in Renaissance Europe.

An interesting use of Sardonyx comes out of England. It seems that English midwives placed a piece of Sardonyx between the breast of a mother to eas the trauma of childbirth.

Moonstone is a Secondary August Birthstone

Moonstone Birthstone

The name Moonstone is thought to have been derived from the beautiful silvery moonlight like appearance of the gem. The Romans and Hindus even believed that the stone was made from the solidified rays of moonlight.

That legendary status of Moonstone makes it a very desirable August birthstone.

For thousands of years Moonstone has been used in jewellery. Prized by the Romans and Greeks it was traditionally associated with their lunar deities.

The stone has long been worn to impart good luck. It’s beautiful silvery translucent appearance inspires thoughts of wealth and good will, both benefits of good luck.

Ancient travellers, traders and merchants wore Moonstone because they believed it would bring them luck and protection on their long sea journeys.

Similarly, travellers through life wear Moonstone to attract luck, giving an inner strength and sense of purpose.

Many lovers wear Moonstone to encourage passion and give strength to their relationship.

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