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Gift for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The Ballymena Guardian reports that a jeweller local to that area, Vera McCullough, had the amazing experience of creating special gifts for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The pieces were commissioned by the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council. They were presented to the couple on a recent trip to Ballymena. What made the […]

Birthstone Engagement Rings are In

The engagement ring comes in many styles, but it looks like the style for 2019 includes the ever popular birthstone. The online marketing site Etsy has reported that their searches for ‘birthstone engagement rings‘ has soared in the last few months to an amazing 34,000 searches. They expect this trend to continue and rise even […]

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born 11 February, 1969. Jennifer’s Zodiac sign is Aquarius. She was born in Sherman Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles, USA. Her parents are the actress Nancy Dow (22 July, 1936, Cancer) and John Aniston (24 July, 1933, Leo), also an actor. Personally Jennifer Aniston is an actress in the United […]

Heath Ledger

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger was born on the 4th April, 1979. His star sign is Aries. Sadly, he died young on the 22nd January, 2008 in New York City through a drug overdose. He was born to Kim and Sally Ledger in Perth, Australia. His mother was a teacher and his father pursued a career in […]

Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on the 8th January, 1935. His star sign is Capricorn. Elvis died young at the age of 42 on the 16th August, 1977, at Graceland from a drug overdose. He was born to Vernon Elvis and Gladys Presley in Tupelo, Mississippi, United States. His identical twin born brother was delivered […]

Melania Trump

Melania Trump was born on the 26th April, 1970. Her star sign is Taurus. She was born to Viktor and Amalija Knavs in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Her mother was a children’s clothes designer and her father a car dealer. Melanias siblings include a sister Ines Knauss and a half-brother from he father. Melania wanted to […]


Amethyst is the Primary birthstone for the month of February and the Zodiac sign Pisces. It is understood to be the 9th stone on The Breastplate of Aaron, representing Issachar, one of the sons of Israel. For thousands of years Amethyst has been incorporated into the lives of many people, being highly valued for its […]


Diamond is the Primary birthstone for the month of April and a Secondary birthstone for the Zodiac sign Aries. More than just beautiful, diamonds have been for possibly thousands of years a symbol of love, romance and commitment. Diamond Benefits Mental Health Diamond is believed to clear emotional and mental pain, to help reduce fear […]


Pearl is the Primary birthstone for June and a Secondary birthstone for February and the Zodiac sign Cancer. The pearl has been coveted by many cultures for thousands of years, and is still admired and highly valued throughout the world. Its soft elegant feminine characteristics were bound to ensure a highly valued place in many […]


Zircon is a Secondary birthstone for two months, February and December, and the Zodiac sign Virgo. For February it is the variety called Hyacinth or Jacinth, a yellow, yellow-red to yellow-brown variety. It is understood to be the 7th stone on The Breastplate of Aaron, representing Gad, one of the sons of Israel. Zircon Benefits […]

January Birthstone

Unlike all other months, January has just one (1) Primary birthstone and no Secondary birthstones. But this one gemstone is both powerful and very beautiful in its presence.

February Birthstone

The month of February has three (3) birthstones. One Primary and two Secondary birthstones. Each is quite different in their gemology and nature.

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