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What are the January Birthstones?

January Birthstone

Unlike all other months, January has just one Primary birthstone and no Secondary birthstones. But this one gemstone is both powerful and very beautiful in its presence.

So what is the birthstone for January?

The birthstone for January is Garnet. But there is much more to garnet than just that beautiful red gemstone you are familiar with? Read further to find out.

Garnet is the Primary Birthstone for January

Garnet Birthstone

The source of the name Garnet seems to be the Middle English word gernet. This means ‘dark red’. The word gernet come from the Latin word granatus for ‘grain’. This then probably relates to pomum granatum for ‘pomegranate’. The pomegranate seed being a vivid red and very similar to the crystals of garnet.

The deep rich red of Garnet is amazing when set in gold jewellery, and makes a wonderful birthstone for January.

However, garnet doesn’t just come in red. It is found in a number of varieties and colours, such as green Tsavorite, purplish Almandine and orange Spessartine.

Garnet has been prized for thousands of years for its metaphysical properties and its beauty. Garnets were worn by the ancient Egyptians and retained in burials for the afterlife. They were carved for seals and signet rings by the Romans. A Garnet is believed to be on the of four gemstones presented to King Solomon by God.

There is some thought that only women should wear Garnet because of its strong feminine connection. But historically it has been in use by both men and women for many ages.

This feminine connection bonds the Garnet with the feminine life force, fertility and love for others. It is believed to help reunite lovers if separated for any reason.

It is also thought to be good for achieving success in ventures by attracting the right people. In doing so it drives the venture forward though successive business partnerships and joint endeavours.

Physically, Garnet has a connection with the heart and is thought to help keep the heart and circulation healthy and strong.

It is considered to be a stone of protection. Worn by many to ward of dangers and protect against dangers of travel.

Images: Polish Eagle Image – Louvre Museum [Public domain], Garnet Gemstones Image -Michelle Jo [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons