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What are the July Birthstones?

July Birthstones

In the month of July, you can choose from three (3) birthstones in total. A classical Primary and three Secondary birthstones that are equally amazing.

So what are the birthstones for July?

The birthstones for July are Ruby, the Primary birthstone, and two Secondary birthstones, Carnelian and Black Onyx. But which is best for you? Read further to find out.

Ruby is the Primary July Birthstone

Ruby Birthstone

The name Ruby is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning red. It is one of the traditional cardinal gems, together with amethyst, diamond, emerald and sapphire

It’s hard to find a more beautiful July birthstone than the mesmerising red Ruby. That rich ruby red is so regal in its presence.

Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum. Sapphire is the blue variety of corundum.

Known as the gemstone of nobles, Ruby has been mined and used throughout history. It is one of the gemstones on the breastplate of the Hebrew high priest, and was commonly used to adorn weapons.

Ruby was used in weapons and on the Hebrew breastplate because it has long been prized as a protective stone. Its power to protect the wearer from many things, extends to the home, family and possessions. This protection also includes ones health.

The stone has equally been prized for it ability to enhance the wearers concentration. This improves the wearers ability to gain knowledge and improves creativity. This contributes to greater success in many areas, bringing greater personal satisfaction, happiness and possibly wealth.

In addition to these benefits, Ruby also improves the nurturing side of the wearer. This results in more compassion for others, a greater loyalty to others and strong nurturing feelings.

Carnelian is a Secondary July Birthstone

Carnelian Birthstone

The name Carnelian is considered to be a corruption of the 14th century word cornelian. This in turn was derived from the Cornel Cherry, a red fruit that in ways resembles the colour of the stone.

Carnelian is a wonderful July birthstone. The ability to carve it to create wonderful pieces, like cameos, means there are many ways Carnelian can be used and worn.

Carnelian has been used for thousands of years. It has been found in artefacts as far back as 1800 BC on the island of Crete. It was also used by the Egyptians in certain ceremonies, by the Romans as talismans and even by ancient alchemists in some processes.

Carnelian is also a stone considered to promote courage in times of danger, reinforcing the wearers strength and confidence in action.

When worn on the body Carnelian is believed to assist with calming properties. These work towards subduing unsound thoughts that lead to depression and madness. These properties also lead to a greater sense of self control, self esteem and self confidence.

Wearers find they are more prepared to venture into new areas and try things never before considered. This leads to greater creativity, fostering new ideas and expanding thoughts to new frontiers.

Physically, some believe that Carnelian has a calming influence on the digestive system. This aids in overcoming associated digestive problems, such as upset stomachs.

Black Onyx is a Secondary July Birthstone

Onyx Birthstone

The name Onyx comes from the Latin word, of the same spelling, that means fingernail. Onyx, with a translucent white band, sometimes flesh coloured, can resemble a fingernail.

The black variety of Onyx is a quite mysterious July birthstone. The black lends itself to making excellent classic and elegant designs.

Onyx has been used for thousands of years by the Romans. They carved it into intaglios and cameos that were used on a daily basis.

The gemstone has long been associated with regeneration, probably because of the regeneration property of fingernails. It is commonly worn for just that reason, to help ensure success with new beginnings. This especially applies to recovery from broken relationships and overcoming emotional challenges.

It is also thought to exhibit two strong properties, those of protection and courage. Often worn by travellers to protect them in their journeys, and to give strength of courage when facing new challenges.

As a stone to promote courage, Onyx applies this to an inner courage, enabling the wearer to face many personal challenges, such as criticism by others.

CREDITS: Ruby byネックレス [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons Carnelian by Metropolitan Museum of Art [CC0] Onyx by SmartMen [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons