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What are the November Birthstones?

November Birthstone

In the month of November you have two birthstones, a Primary and Secondary that share many features. They are gemstones that have held a special place in the hearts of many collectors.

So what are the November birthstones?

The November birthstones include the golden yellow of the Topaz for the Primary birthstone, and the equally beautiful yellow of the Citrine for a Secondary birthstone. But there is much more to these stones than just their colour.

Topaz is the Primary Birthstone for November

Topaz Birthstone

The name Topaz was probably derived from the Greek word Τοpáziοs. This is the ancient name for a legendary Red Sea island of St. Johns where a yellow stone was mined in ancient times. An alternative origin could be the Sanskrit word tapas that means ‘heat’ or ‘fire’.

The rich golden yellow of quality Topaz makes this a beautiful birthstone for November. The versatility of the gemstone lends it to many wonderful designs.

Topaz is thought to be one of the stones set in the breastplate of the Hebrew high priest.

This gemstone is another stone with strong calming influences. It is thought to give the wearer a strength of confidence, though without arrogance, that facilitates a calm influence in strong emotional times.

The rich almost golden yellow is thought to bring the wearer strength of purpose and hence wealth and success in dealings. The wearer feels a greater sense of worth and as a consequence experiences a much happier life.

Physically, because of the bright strong golden yellow colour, Topaz has a strong positive influence on the bodies functions. This aids good health in the internal systems, such as the liver, kidney, spleen and digestive systems.

Secondary Birthstones

Citrine Birthstone

The name Citrine comes from the Latin word citrina for yellow.

Citrine, while often not as rich in colour as Topaz, still makes a beautiful November birthstone.

The gemstone Citrine has been used in jewellery throughout history. But it wasn’t really appreciated as a valuable gemstone until the Hellenistic Age in Greece, between 300 BC and 150 BC.

Citrine is strongly associated with wealth and prosperity, often referred to as the money stone or merchant’s stone. Due to its yellow colour it has also been associated with the Sun and called the sun stone.

The gemstone exudes a positive nature that transfers to your approach to life. Wearing Citrine will help you to stay positive and focused on your goals.

This positive energy transfers to health issues as well. It is believed to assist with pain issues and specific issues associated with many of the digestive and lower organs.

CREDITS: Topaz Ring by Mauro Cateb [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons, Citrine Intaglio by FHorsthemke [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons