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What are the October Birthstones?

October Birthstones

The Primary October birthstone has been admired across the world, throughout history. But the variety of colours found in the Secondary birthstone makes it equally desirable, though more recent to some areas of the world.

So what are the October birthstones?

The October birthstones include the beautiful multi-coloured Opal for the Primary birthstone, and the mysteriously magnetic Tourmaline for a Secondary birthstone. But there is much more to these stones than just their colour.

Opal is the Primary October Birthstone

Opal Birthstone

The name Opal either comes from the Sanskrit word upala meaning ‘jewel’, or the Latin word opalus, meaning ‘to see a change in colour’. There is some debate about this, but the Sanskrit origin seems to be preferred.

The amazing play of colour in Opal, and the huge variety of colours and patterns makes Opal one of the most desired birthstones. As the Birthstone for October, Opal is in high demand.

Opal has been a desired stone throughout history, always considered to be a very valuable stone. Then when vast deposits were found in Australia, its value did diminish some. However, still today excellent examples of opal demand very high prices. With the demand increasing and the supply diminishing those prices are rising.

Because of the range of colours that opal displays, and its apparent representation of all gem colours, the gem was thought by those in the Middle Ages to provide great luck .

Opal is believed to have a strong link to creativity. This due to the amazing play of colour and wide variety of displays the stone presents.

It is also considered to be a stone of purity and capable of balancing sexual desires. In conjunction with enhancing a sense of hope and promoting purity Opal is very beneficial for the wearers relationships.

In health, Opal is thought to help with addictions. It is believed that wearing Opal will help the wearer find strength to avoid dependence.

Tourmaline is a Secondary October Birthstone

Tourmaline Birthstone

The name Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese word thoramalli or tōra-molli.

Tourmaline is an amazing Birthstone for October because of its availability in a broad range of colours. There are also bi-colour and tri-colour varieties, such as Watermelon Tourmaline.

An interesting property of some varieties of Tourmaline is their susceptibility to magnetism and ability to generate a small electric charge when rubbed. This has added to their mystery and is related to some of their apparent personal benefits.

Those properties are believed to help charge a persons energies and emotions, aiding in times of doubt. It can also polarise emotions resulting in strong bias to certain moods, though generally for the positive. For example, helping those with broken hearts to recover and look to a positive future. This helps with moving on to new relationships, freeing one to love and be loved.

The different colours of Tourmaline can be stronger in certain properties.

Black Tourmaline Birthstones

Wear black Tourmaline to battle all that is negative. It will help encourage a more positive approach in times when you are down and a bit negative. In time it builds your confidence, improves patience making you more stable and better able to make good decisions.

Blue Tourmaline Birthstones

Wards against the negative and dangers, and helps to focus on and achieve your goals.

Pink Tourmaline Birthstones

Feeling a little anxious and dread what is coming? Pink Tourmaline will help with that anxiety and fear of what is coming. It is also a stone of compassion and passion, promoting all things love. It will help you understand others and respond to their needs.

Red Tourmaline Birthstones

Similar to Pink Tourmaline, Red Tourmaline is a stone that strengths your passion, your strength of commitment and your empathy with others. If you profession is dealing with other, especially in a healer role, this is the stone for you.

Watermelon Tourmaline Birthstones

Watermelon Tourmaline is a stone that grounds your resolve and stability, keeping you calm and resolute. This leads to strength in relationships, and as a consequence attracts success and wealth.

Images: Opal Pendant by Opalcutters23 [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons, Tourmaline Ring by Doronenko [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons